Quetico, oil on linen, 50x 70 inches.jpg

ERRIt all started when…


I’ve always had a keen or perhaps morbid awareness of the brevity of life. This awareness has heightened my experience of Beauty and when I paint I feel an exquisite longing that urges me to work my brush upon the canvas to bring forth and manifest this elusive thing called Beauty. To be clear, Beauty for me encompasses not purely aesthetics, but all that is pure and good in the world. The Ugliness of the world terrifies and angers me, and I feel my best weapon against it is a paint brush. For every piece of Beauty that is destroyed in this world by Ugliness I feel called to resurrect it. If you look closely at my paintings you’ll notice a wistfulness, almost an Opheliesque quality, which is especially obvious in the water paintings, but even in my paintings of old cars and trucks. There is a paradox between death and beauty, and there exists perhaps a type of resurrection or reclamation of sorts, like the lotus that springs forth from decaying earth and murky water to blossom toward the sun. Exquisite Beauty can be birthed from darkness. That is why I paint, to resurrect my experience of Beauty, and to reclaim it from the talons of Ugliness.